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Do Not Disturb





Do Not Disturb

DND is also known as "Do Not Disturb". It allows you to remove a contact from one or all communication channels.


DND can now be set to individual channels (FB, SMS, Calls, Emails, GMB, WhatsApp) once they are integrated with the system.



DND Statuses


  • DND ‘On’ - now means NO automated/ manual outbound messages are permitted to go out (previously, we let people send outbound messages manually and only restricted ‘Automated’ messages)

  • DND ‘Off’ - all automated/manual messages continue to work as usual

  • DND ‘Partial’ - Some Channels are unavailable for Outbound messaging (THIS IS NEW!)

  • Contacts that had DND switched ON previously - The system will continue to respect their wishes

  • For contacts that did Not have DND switched on previously, the system will continue as before

DND Integration

If the integrations (FB, SMS, Calls, Emails, GMB, WhatsApp) exist and are functional, they’ll get enlisted as channels that Users can either enable or disable independently or all together at once.


If the Integrations drop or are disconnected please continue to re-connect. Once reconnected the previous state in which the contact DND was set to, would be respected - meaning if you DND’d contact for FB Messenger, it’ll continue to DND that contact in FB Messenger.



DND for Email


The system will Auto-Enable DND for Email contact if the criteria below are met:

  • ISP email permanent failures such as bounce, generic, suppress-complaint, suppress-unsubscribe, and suppress-bounce. (Understanding Mailgun Suppressions)

  • When a recipient unsubscribes or marks the email as SPAM (Mailgun complaint event).

Please Note: Location/agency users will then have the option to disable the DND from within the contacts record for all the above reasons, except when marked as SPAM.



Remove email DND for a Contact

When a user is marked as DND for any bounce and or suppressions events, please head into Mailgun or your ISP provider and remove the contacts email from the suppression list, then continue to validate the email before enabling the DND in the system.




There are 2 ways in which the DND will be enabled:


  1. If the customer replied with Opt-Out keywords like STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL

  2. If we get 30003, 30004, 30005, 30006 any of these error codes from Twilio


Response Code

Code Description



User Inactive/Number does not exist

Enable Temporary DND


Out of Service/Carrier Filtering

Enable Temporary DND


Do not want SMS/DND enabled

Enable Permanent DND


Landline/Incapable to receive SMS

Enable Temporary DND

Two types of DND will be applied to a contact


  1. Temporary -> If we get 30003, 30005 and 30006

  2. Permanent -> If we get 30004 or receive Opt-Out keywords mentioned above


Remove SMS DND for a Contact


  • Temporary -> Can be updated from within the contact record

  • Permanent -> Cannot be updated from within the contact record, it can only be removed if the contact replies with START or the agency shares the contact's Opt-in info with support. Once approved, support will remove the contacts DND.


Please Note: When sharing your opt-in info please include the relationship number(s), contact, and a loom showing the contact opt-in permission.

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