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CRM Document Management





CRM Document Management

Efficiently managing and sharing documents just got easier. Our document management system is designed to streamline all your document-related needs for your business. Documents are grouped into three main categories:

  • Internal Documents: These are documents related to your contacts and are stored within the CRM on the Contact details page. Users with access to the contact can view these documents. When you add documents to custom fields, they are placed in a folder called "Custom Fields" in the "Internal" section, and they cannot be deleted.

  • Sent to Contact Documents (coming soon): We're currently working on a feature that will allow you to manage documents that you send to your contacts.

  • Received from Contact Documents (coming soon): We're also developing a feature to help you organize documents that you receive from your contacts.

Adding Documents to Your Contacts

Adding new documents to the internal section is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Click on "+Add" and then select "New File."

  • Each document you upload can be up to 250MB in size.

  • You can upload document types such as PPT, Docs, PDF, CSV, and various image formats.

Searching for Documents

Finding documents related to your contacts is a breeze. You can search for documents based on their names right on the contact details page. This feature makes it easy to locate specific documents whenever you need them.

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