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Attachments Made Easy in Conversations





Attachments Made Easy in Conversations

Attachments Made Easy in Conversations

We're excited to introduce a new feature that makes sharing files easier and more efficient for everyone. Imagine being able to send large files directly from your device without any hassle. This new feature eliminates the need for tricky workarounds like compressing files or using external file-sharing services. It's all about saving time and making file sharing simple.

Automatic Media Library Uploads (Email and SMS Composer)

Managing attachments is now a breeze. With our new feature, you can easily upload big files straight from your device. Plus, when you're dealing with SMS or files that are too large for email (more than 20MB), they'll automatically go to your media library. These attachments will then become media library links, making things even easier and ensuring nothing is left behind.

Attachment Choice

This feature gives you the freedom to choose how you want to upload attachments. You can do it directly from your device or use the media library—it's up to you. This flexibility means you can pick the method that suits you best, making the whole process more user-friendly.

Interactive Video Thumbnails

We believe emails should be engaging and memorable. That's why we've taken things a step further by creating animated picture previews (called GIF thumbnails) for videos you upload through the media library. This extra touch makes your emails more visually appealing and fun to interact with. Think of it as a way to make your emails stand out and grab people's attention.

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